Pretreatment / Hydrolysis

Particularly aerobic sludge requires a long digestion time. With exposure to heat a better cell disruption and hence, an increased gas yield can be achieved. The digestion time is reduced at the same time.

  • Thermal hydrolysis Lysotherm®

This process offers a cost-efficient and reliable sludge hydrolysis also in smaller waste water treatment plants (population equivalent > 30.000). The biological availability of surplus sludge is increased at temperatures of 100 – 175 °C.

The advantages are:
– Increased gas yield
– Increased dry matter content in dewatered sludge
– Reduzierung der zu entsorgenden Schlammmenge

  • Thermal sludge pretreatment

Thanks to thermal sludge pretreatment at temperatures of 60 – 70 °C a partial cell disruption already takes place and this reduces the digesting time.

With sludge analysis we determine the optimal process for you.

Thermal sludge pretreatment

Thermal sludge hydrolysis,

Sludge heat exchanger

Sludge hygienisation

Sludge hygienisation pumps