Sludge drying / incineration

Sewage sludge incineration 

For phosphorus recovery from ash sewage sludge may only be treated in mono incineration plants.

Thermal mineralisation of sewage sludge in the PYREG®

By pyrolysis sewage sludge is being mineralised and reduced in its amount. Mineralisation of sewage sludge takes place below the ash melting temperature of 800°C. Hence, phosphorus in the so-called biochar becomes plant available. The suitability of sewage sludge derived biochar as fertiliser is currently being investigated.

This process is suitable for plants with a population equivalent of more than 30’000. We are happy to consult you in selecting the optimum process.

Pyrolysis of sewage sludge
(Source: PYREG GmbH, Dörth)