Treatment of micropollutants


Powdered activated carbon PAC

The use of powdered activated carbon for the treatment of micropollutants has been established. Plants for a population equivalent of more than 200’000 have been built and are successfully in operation.
Thanks to our partner KG - Gesellschaft für Wassertechnik und Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG your project will benefit from the experience gained in the various plants built.
In combination with the agitators we use, powdered activated carbon is being mixed with minimum energy input and hence, a smooth reaction is made possible.
The separation of powdered activated carbon is done by means of sedimentation and scraping, lamella separator or membranes. In this area we master all processes as well as postreatment with sand filters.

On the contrary to membrane aerators our well-proven ceramic domes are ozone-resistant. Thanks to the very fine bubbles emerging from the pores the ozone reacts practically completely with the micropollutants in the waste water.

We are happy to consult you in finding the hardware solution for your selected concept.

  • pak_boeblingen_sindelfingen_3
PAC dosing (KG)

  • pak_boeblingen_sindelfingen_2
PC reaction and sedimentation (KG)

  • pak_stockacher_aach
PAC sedimentation with lamella separator(

  • pilotanlage_zur_abtrennung_von_pulveraktivkohle
PAC separation with membranes

  • ozonbegasung_1
Ozone fumigation with ceramic domes



We adopt processes according to your project requirements and achieve optimal solutions using selected products from proven suppliers.

For example:

  • ruehrwerke
Agitators (

  • keramikdome
Techfina ceramic domes