Pumping stations / Lifting stations


We design and construct pumping stations with screw pumps or centrifugal pumps for municipal and industrial drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities, according to their specific requirements.

Determination of the pump sizes for the required daily water volumes is as important to us as the energy-optimised operation of the system.

List of References Pumping stations/Lifting stations

We have many years experience with pumping and lifting stations for diverse media:

  • rohabwasser
Untreated wastewater

  • vorgeklaertes_abwasser
Pre-treated wastewater

  • faellmittel
Processing systems

  • industrieabwasser
Industrial wastewater

  • ruecklaufschlamm
Recirculated sludge

  • ueberschussschlamm
Surplus sludge

Selected References

ARA Werdhölzli EBF 
PW Rietli Sachseln
WAV Wels (Österreich)
PW Plovdiv Nord (Bulgarien)
PW Baku (Azerbaidjan)

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