Biological treatment


One of Techfina's core competencies is the construction and equipping of  the biological stages of wastewater treatment plants. In more than 30 years we have successfully brought over 100 plants into operation.

List of References Biological treatment

We are able to successfully commission a wide range of treatments.

  • konventionell_biologisch
Conventional biological treatment

  • a_i_rundbecken
External/Internal longitudinal flow or in round basins

  • sbr_verfahren

  • wirbelbett
Fluidised bed or hybrid fluidised bed
  • membran_bioreaktor
Membrane bioreactor plants (MBR)





We adapt the processes to meet your project requirements and achieve optimal solutions using selected products from proven suppliers.
Some examples:

  • beluefter
Aerators (

  • dom_neutral_ohne_text
Ceramic dome (developed in-house by Techfina)

  • ruehrwerke
Agitators (

  • dekanter
SBR decanters

  • trennwaende

  • rueckhaltesieb_wirbelkoerper
Retaining screen for swirl pool

  • biochips
BioChip (

  • mbr_module_granulat
MBR-Module and granulate (

Selected References

ARA Werdhölzli EBF 
IDA Foce Maggia und Ticino
WWTP Burgas
ARA Unterschlatt
ARA Surbtal
ARA Bachwies
WWTP Plovdiv

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